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Intecho can help bring your dream home to life. We can apply the very best in home automation systems to everything from lighting and heating to audiovisual and security in a way that’s reliable and unobtrusive. It’s technology that helps turn buildings into homes.

With offices in London and Cheshire, we’re used to dealing with high-end properties where elegance and style is key. Thanks to that home automation experience, we’ve learned how to make technology fade into the background so all you notice is an easier life. Many of our clients live and work in multiple properties, so appreciate the ability to control and monitor automated home systems remotely.

Whether it’s a new build, a refurbishment or a straightforward installation, we’ve honed the skills needed to implement your system with the bare minimum of disruption. Many of our clients tell us they appreciate our work in making sure the home automation system can be expanded or updated later on without any discernible disruption, giving them added flexibility and maximising the home’s resale value.

Intecho is based around the idea of intelligent buildings. This involves home automation technology that goes a step beyond simply using machines that blindly follow programs such as thermostats with a timer. For example, with our integrated systems a room motion sensor can detect when you have left a room, or even an entire floor, then automatically switch off lights, air conditioning and room-specific heating. Best of all you’ll retain complete control at all times and can adjust or override settings at the mere touch of a button.

The beauty of the way we work is that our various products and services can be brought together in the same system. It really is a case of using technology to solve real problems, rather than have some fancy tools and trying to think of a way to use them. It’s all about making life easier and smoother, whether that’s by switching off air conditioning whenever you have a window open, automatically closing blinds when it gets dark, or even dimming the lights in your home cinema room when you put a movie on.

We’re particularly proud of the way our installations and systems help people save energy, bringing financial and environmental benefits. It can often seem like too much trouble to manually monitor heating and lighting to avoid any waste, particularly in larger homes and buildings, but with Intecho automation, that’s something you no longer need to worry about.

KNX and DALI – the keys to efficient home automation

We use two key home automation technologies across our entire range of installations. KNX is the worldwide standard for automated home and building control and ensures that devices, connections, controls and systems from numerous manufacturers work together smoothly. That brings you two main benefits: it allows us to source hardware from multiple suppliers to create the system that’s right for you; and it makes it far simpler to adjust or expand your system later on as and when your needs change.

Meanwhile DALI lighting (digital addressable lighting interface) covers the installation, control and operation of automated lighting systems, allowing for creative solutions that give you precise control. DALI also makes fault diagnosis far easier: in the unlikely event of a fault with automated lighting, it can take a matter of moments to identify exactly where on your system the problem lies and get to work fixing it.

Working in partnership

Our team’s experience and our use of this flexible technology means we can work on everything from existing homes to new builds. We’re happy to work directly with homeowners looking to revamp their properties with a home automation system and we have the people skills to make sure customers get all the information and advice they need, but still retain control and make the final decision.

Alternatively we are also more than comfortable working with developers and architects, whether they are planning a single property or a complex. As well as coming up with solutions to fit the needs of the end user, we can coordinate with developers to work to their schedule, meaning fitting building controls and automated lighting doesn’t have to delay a project.

The architects we’ve worked with in the past particular appreciate our experience in adjusting to different buildings with different needs. We’re equally as comfortable bringing a multi room home entertainment system to a brand-new, cutting edge development as we are bringing automated lighting to a 17th century mansion where access and alterations are limited. That’s not just a hypothetical example by the way: in 2014 we installed fully automated heating, lighting and room blind controls as part of a project to convert Prestbury’s Butley Hall into three town houses and seven apartments.

For all the home automation system technology Intecho deals with, it’s very much a bespoke service, so give us a call today and we’ll be more than happy to talk through your needs and how we can help bring the best of technology to add a new dimension to your property.

Operating from our offices in both Cheshire and London, we are able to undertake luxury residential projects right across the UK, covering areas such as Cheshire, London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Hampshire.

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